Pay It Forward

Pay It Forward

Troy Ohio Fire Department Bicycle Helmet Program     Salvation Army

In early 2016, Abbey Credit Union decided to Pay it Forward, by assisting our local community Public Servants with their missions and local events.

On April 1st, Abbey Credit Union launched the Pay it Forward program by donating funds for helmets to the Troy Fire Department and Vandalia Police Department. Thank you to our members who donated towards this worthy cause!

On April 9th, the Troy Fire Department came to Abbey Credit Union's Troy branch and properly fitted over 30 kids with safety bike helmets.

If you would like to participate in the Bike Helmet Safety program, for we are currently collecting donations for the Vandalia Police Department and the Troy Fire Department.

"You make a difference as a Member of Abbey Credit Union. When our over 10,000 Member-owners give back to our community, we create positive change that reaches far beyond it. As a Cooperative, we think "as a whole" instead of individualistically. You help provide social, economic, environmental, and educational support to many people in our community each time you use Abbey's products and services. Thank you for making our Cooperative significant in our community. Thank you for being part of a community of people who care, create change and give so much..."

On June 18th, Abbey Credit Union staff assisted the Salvation Army with their Hunger Relief program, serving over 152 lunches.

Pay It Forward Event