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Credit Builder Loans

Credit Builder Loan

It is difficult to achieve credit without a credit history.


Abbey's Credit Builder Loan provides you with an opportunity to develop a strong credit rating, along with a beneficial relationship with lenders.


With the state of our economy, some consumers may need to build or rebuild their credit. People with good credit have used Credit Builder Loans to improve their credit. What is your credit score? If you would like an opportunity to develop a stronger credit rating, call one of our loan officers, who will confidentially help you achieve your goal.


"Credit Builder Loans" may have been created by credit unions, to help members become successful and achieve their financial goals. In 2014, Abbey Credit Union's staff and Board of Directors established a new slogan as their priority goal to, "Connect with their local community, embrace their members' needs, and help members achieve their financial goals." Although, this may seem like a new goal, Abbey Credit Union has actually lived this promise to their members since 1937! Offering Credit Builder Loans, for many years, is just one way Abbey has helped many members rebuild their life and dreams.


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APR= annual percentage rate (For Scores 720 or better).

All loans subject to normal credit criteria. Rates subject to change without notice.




Many of our members like to share their thoughts and opinions with us and we thought it would be nice to pass it along to you.




After a bad divorce and raising two children, I am starting rebuilding my life and credit. I had a bad car accident that left me without a car. Your credit union is rebuilding my dreams! — Cynthia A.


My name is Melinda Cox. My family and I have been members with Abbey since 2000-2001. We have had nothing but good moments banking here. My favorite moment is when I was pregnant with my daughter. The tellers surprised my husband and me with a crib, other materials for our now 4 almost 5 year old little girl. Our daughter has grown up around these ladies, Rich, Jan, Steve, and everyone at Abbey. The banking fees are reasonable, the staff is extremely friendly and we have been able to keep a good line of credit through Abbey for years. If it was not for Abbey giving us a chance years ago, I don't know where we would be. I am thankful to be part of the Abbey Credit Union Family. — Melinda C.


They always know my name and treat me special. They're the best! — Robert B.




Trinity Debt Management and Testimonial

If you are struggling to pay credit card debt and not seeming to reduce the balances, our partners at Trinity Debt Management can help.


One of the ways Trinity Debt Management helps our members is by negotiating on your behalf to get lower rates on out of control credit card debt. This member's interest actually went down from 24.5% to 6.8%.


"Thanks again for all your help' I'm very grateful that your organization exists! It is such a relief to know that I'm not going to have to pay those outrageous interest rates anymore. I felt very helpless for a while there, and it made me sick knowing how much money we were wasting. Now I feel like we can actually make some progress in getting out of debt, and STAYING that way since we'll be able to build up a savings even while we're paying down our bills."


Call Trinity Debt Management today at 1-800-698-0851