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An Abbey Credit Union membership gives you something you cannot get from a bank: ownership. That is a fundamental difference between banks and credit unions. Another fundamental difference: we are a not-for-profit financial organization.


As a member-owned, not-for-profit financial cooperative, our earnings are returned to members in the form of low cost loans, high yield dividend accounts, and free or low cost services. When profit is removed as a motivating force, attention is shifted to the best interest of the membership. Rather than focusing on making this financial institution more profitable, we focus on operating the credit union as efficiently as possible for the benefit of the members. As member-owners, we all have a stake in the credit union’s success. The better your credit union does, the better you do!


A major benefit of credit unions comes through a service known as “shared branching.” Many credit unions are in this CO-OP service that allows members to access their accounts and do financial transactions all over the world through other credit unions that are in the CO-OP.


As we grow and enjoy more successes, we are able to offer new products, such Online or Mobile Banking, Online Bill Pay, Shared Branching, and E-statements.


Owned By Members, For Members

Abbey Credit Union was organized in 1937 and is a not-for-profit financial organization. Abbey's goal is to help people help each other by promoting thrift through convenient, efficient savings plans and providing quick sources of credit.


You may notice the use of the word “member” in reference to our customers throughout Abbey Credit Union literature. This is because community is our motivation. Abbey is owned by people just like you, your friends, and your neighbors, thus the focus remains on the financial needs of its members.


Mission Statement: Uniting members through old-fashioned community values; Abbey strives to earn trust from our members by professionally maintaining a leading-edge in technology and offering competitive financial institution services

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Belonging and Benefiting at Abbey Credit Union

By Leslie Rogers


Do you want to feel as though you actually belong to your financial institution and are not just another account number?


At Abbey Credit Union, it’s reassuring to know that you are a member, not just a customer. When you place your hard earned money into an account, you become part of a much larger family, a network of people who have the same goals as you to get the most out of your investments with minimal loan rates and rewarding dividends. When walking into our business, you will be greeted with enthusiasm and recognized by name.


So, what exactly is the difference between a credit union and a bank?


At a credit union, anyone who deposits money becomes a member, therefore attaining part ownership. The decisions made within a credit union are made by members just like you, as opposed to a bank run by profit-driven officials who benefit from high interest rates and low dividends. Incumbent officers on the board of directors are strictly volunteers. Their interests lie in benefiting the credit union and its members, not their own financial gain. As a not-for-profit cooperative, any money remaining after establishing an adequate financial reserve is returned to its members in the form of increased dividends, lower loan rates, and cheap or free services.


Abbey Credit Union is dedicated to building a family of members based on trust.

The Board of Directors are elected officials and therefore trusted by the members of the credit union. Abbey strives to create a unity among its members, resulting in a sound financial mind. One way they do this is by holding annual meetings open to all member-owners. Individuals are able to learn about the events and accomplishments of the credit union over the past year, its goals for the year to come, and cast their vote for directors.


Abbey Credit Union is dedicated to providing its members with plenty of options to meet the needs of the individual.

Abbey offers a variety of services for its members, with the most up-to-date technology to aid in easy and efficient managing of your account. Some of these services include Mobile Banking, Abbey@Home (online access to your account), Web BillPay to make loan payments whenever you choose, automatic bill pay through an electronic funds transfer system, ATM access with no surcharge when you use your Alliance One or MoneyPass card, and direct deposit. 





Many of our members like to share their thoughts and opinions with us and we thought it would be nice to pass it along to you.



I have been a member since 1986. I have always received excellent customer assistance and have been able to purchase several vehicles. The staff is superb. I highly recommend Abbey. — Mike S.


The people here are very friendly. We appreciate the friendly efficient service that we always get at the counter. But most of all thanks for having your phone answered by a real live capable person. Thanks again. — Patricia B.


I have been a CU member for many years. The staff has always been friendly and helpful in person or over the phone. I have added accounts, changed accounts and deleted accounts with ease. I always recommend Abbey!! — Jackie